Zootly Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 600mg picture
Zootly Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 600mg picture
Zootly Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 600mg picture
Zootly Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 600mg picture
Zootly Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 600mg picture

Zootly Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 600mg

R 590

Zootly’s broad-spectrum CBD oil is locally produced in a GMP-certified
facility and manufactured under stringent quality and safety standards. All our
oils are lab tested, and certified and a constant potency is maintained. Available in
four unique flavours (liquorice, spearmint, bubble gum and original) Our oils
come with a spray applicator for easy and accurate dosing and quicker absorption throughout the body.

Only the finest cannabis extracts are used in our Zootly range.

  • Max 20mg daily dosage
  • Store in a cool and dark place
  • For oral use only
  • THC Free
  • 30ml Bottle

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum CBD Extract, MCT Oil, Nature Identical Flavours

Zootly’s broad-spectrum CBD Oil 600mg is the high-dosage solution for those looking to treat their anxiety, aches and pains, and sleep problems.

We produce our entire range of CBD products locally in South Africa, at a facility that has been Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified.

We manufacture our CBD under the most stringent conditions. In turn, this means our products adhere to the highest safety standards. And when your dosage is 600mg, it’s important to get it right.

It’s for this very reason that we ensure all our CBD products are lab tested and certified.

In short, you can enjoy your CBD Oil 600mg, safe in the knowledge that it has the right amount of active ingredients, and there’s no need to worry that there is any THC in it.

Also, it is available in four amazing flavours; liquorice, spearmint, bubblegum, and original. 

Taking your medicine has never been easier with the spray applicator on our CBD Oil 600mg.

This spray allows for accurate dosages, which is important as the recommended maximum daily intake is 20mg (2mg per spray).

The vaporized oil allows for faster absorption into the body. 

Faster absorption of the CBD is good news for residents living in; Cape Town, Joburg, and Durban.

But what are the benefits of CBD?

One of the main properties of CBD is that it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. This helps it to address a multitude of different issues like:

  • Joint pains;
  • Poor sleep cycles;
  • Cardiac diseases;
  • Sharpening brain functions;
  • Mood improvements;
  • And more.

Another factor that is a major bonus is the fact that CBD is also a powerful antioxidant.

Our entire Zootly CBD range is embedded with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), or for the layman, a coconut oil extract, a natural and healthy fat.

Feel like no one explains this… ANYWAY!   

Also, please store your CBD in a cool and dark place, and it is strictly for oral use. This means, don’t leave it on a windowsill. It’s not a plant.

If you’re looking to grow a hemp plant, you might want to check our Zootly Grow section. 

You can expect our CBD in a 30ml bottle.

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