Spinning Ashtray – Angelo – w/Slogan – “Smoking is Permitted” – 9cm picture

Spinning Ashtray – Angelo – w/Slogan – “Smoking is Permitted” – 9cm

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Spinning Ashtray – Angelo – w/Slogan – “Smoking is Permitted” – 9cm

Ashtrays are simply essential to anyone that smokes regularly. Designed to keep your ash contained, and your space clean, these items are a no-brainer and a must-have. Consumer style preference and smoking frequency play a role in determining what kind of ashtray to get.

The Spinning Ashtray – Angelo – w/Slogan – “Smoking is Permitted” – 9cm is a cool take on a traditional ashtray. It is predominantly metal and features a black hard plastic knob/lever on the lid. The body of the ashtray has a black coat finish and features a sign-like black in the center. The block is green and has a white square border. All the elements come together to create a rather humorous piece that is sure to create a bit of light-hearted conversation.

What’s more, is that this item has a lid that seals the ash inside the container/body. This sort of design is great because it contains ash. The lid contains everything and makes spillage less likely to happen. To ash your smoke of choice, simply push down on the lid’s knob, and the bottom extension will drop and spin down, opening up the ashtray.  After a fair bit of use, empty out the ash. Be sure not to overfill the ashtray as this may cause resistance in opening it over time. Maintaining this item is as easy as wiping it down or a quick wash and rinse. Once you do that, dry it and store it away until the next use.


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