Space Alien Pipe – 17cm picture

Space Alien Pipe – 17cm

R 1,000.50

Space Alien Pipe is made from high-quality glass; this pipe is designed to deliver a silky-smooth experience. The glass body, ergonomic grip, thick base, and funky look ooze quality, while the cone bowl has a convenient clutch.

All of our glass pipes are carefully selected for both their form and function. This makes them wonderful to own while also meeting your unique needs. Unlike wooden pipes, which would otherwise add some flavour, glass pipes are great at delivering the flavours you want.

This product is an eye-catcher so it would be the perfect discreet display as well as your smoking instrument of choice. If you are looking for a bong with something extra, look no further than this one. It is easy to use and just as easy to clean. When need be, simply rinse with water. Allow some time to dry then you are good to go for the next use.

The Space Alien Pipe – 17cm is quite popular for its striking blue appearance, quirky stance, and petite size. It measures a good 17cm in height and has a skeleton back curve alongside the differently shaped and spaced arms. Along with its semi-transparent style, all these elements make this pipe out of this world.

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