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Simba Seeds White Widow – Autoflower

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This is the Amsterdam coffeehouse classic, something the Dutch are truly proud to call their own. White Widow, the crystal resin legend known around the cannabis globe.

We know you’ve heard about it, but now you can actually get some of its off-the-charts resin buds stuck to your own hand.

The roots of this legendary strain are a cross between landrace strains, a Brazilian indica, and South Indian sativa.

White Widow is a heavy hitter in regards to THC content with an average composition of 20%. Its white, crystal resin-covered buds should be a warning of its potency.

With a growing period of around 11 weeks, it also requires minimal maintenance. It’s suggested to be a great first-time crop for newbies.

It also delivers a heavy yield. If you are concerned with temperature, it’s not an issue with this tough girl. She grows outside comfortably in the UK. Also, it is a mould-resistant strain.

This being said it will perform better in warmer climates.

As mentioned, this is a heavy resin bud. It is not a subtle cannabis smell when being smoked, so for those looking to be discrete, take extra measures.

The bud itself is not very fragrant, but the high is what makes White Widow a legend.

Fans of the strain describe an almost immediate uplift in mood, and that mundane tasks or complex ones are conquered with ease, as it supplies energy in bulk.

It’s also been known, through its psychedelic effects, to impact the enjoyment of art and music.

For novice smokers, this cerebral effect means that you can veer badly into a paranoid state, so plan accordingly.

If you’re looking to get into marijuana growing and take a trip on your own supply, this is the strain for you.

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