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A pure Sativa, this South African landrace strain is known and loved by cannabis enthusiasts from around the world.

Often referred to as the espresso of the marijuana world, it is a powerful psychoactive strain that is perfect for a wake and bake.

The story of how this strain came to be has actually been recorded. A man from the USA named Ed Rosenthal returned from a trip to South Africa with a bag of marijuana seeds. His idea was to create a new African strain.

He eventually passed his notes and strains to a Mel Frank – who then created a few “B” strains mixed with a Sam the Skunkman strain, and took them to Amsterdam where they first bloomed.

For 20 years now, there’s been no change to the gene pool as all seeds are produced and selected from clones.

And the THC levels can be extremely high, with a 25% content level.

The Dutch really loved this strain as it was one of the few sativa plants that they could finish growing outdoors.

It also boasts a large yield and short flowering time, as it is all wrapped up within 7-9 weeks.

Durban Poison is also a tall growing plant when grown outdoors. It can be cultivated outdoors, but you will need to manage it with some training.

If there’s one reason to try Durban Poison, it’s for the flavours and high. It has an amazing bouquet of aromas, with a distinct blend of sweet and spicy smells.

It’s said to have fennel/anise, orange, lemon, and a creamy sweet smell.

The taste has similar descriptions of sweet lemon candy to spicy anise. For those cannabis connoisseurs looking to excite their senses, Durban Poison won’t disappoint.

Then, there’s the high.

Almost everyone can agree this is a daytime strain. Activating, creative, sociable, and known to positively boost your mood.

It is a heavy psychedelic strain, so exercise caution with those who suffer from paranoia.

If you’re looking for something to stimulate the senses, this is the strain for you.

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