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Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size Cones

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Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size Cones

Although this now successful alternative company only establishes itself in 1996, you can trace Pure Hemp’s origin back to 1725.  Thanks to the Miquel y Costas family paper-making business, hemp rolling papers came into being. They also came out of the desire to have tree-free rolling paper. During the early days of the partnership, hemp was the key ingredient in this family’s papers.  This, along with the rise of industrialization and the eco-conscious consumer, led to hemp papers becoming the eco-conscious alternative to ‘rice’ papers on the market. Pure Hemp focused on offering a tree-free rolling paper alternative and complemented this with a sustainably sourced vegan acacia gum arabica for the gum line. To this day, they use high-quality hemp fibers to create their iconic rolling papers.

Since their establishment, Pure Hemp has expanded and provides consumers with an array of options. From only stocking 70mm papers, Pure Hemp now has its unbleached and standard collections, available in king-size and standard-size ranges.

This particular product is their Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size Cones comes as a pack containing 1000 pre-rolled cones. Whether stocking for samples or enthusiast-related events, this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The Original Pure Hemp Rolling Paper

Available as a SINGLE unit or a Box of 1000.

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