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G Pen Vaporizer Accessories – G Pen Micro Tank

Grenco Pen is a company that produces vaporizers. Vaporizers are electronic devices that release the active ingredients and therapeutic compounds of your plant material or extracts of your choice. Vaporizers heat your dry herb or concentrate just below the point of combustion to release only the flavor and effects of your material with little to no smoke. G Pen aims to engineer the most advanced, user-friendly portable vaporizers. As the market continues to expand, it becomes essential to be at the forefront of ingenuity and aptitude. G Pen was the first to market a tank system specifically designed for essential fluids and personal aromatherapy regimens. This brand has truly paved the way for many others to follow suit.

The mission is to create high-powered vapes with innovative technology at a price point that everyone can access. This is evident in their Micro+ range, which offers a battery, mouthpiece, and tank. Each component comes separately, and this adds to the value of the product. Should any of the components incur damage or even go missing, you can rest assured that there are replacement parts readily available. This saves the trouble of buying a whole new device.

The G Pen Vaporizer Accessories – G Pen Micro Tank is one of three components. It is made up of premium materials to deliver the most out of your concentrates.  Utilizing a combination of full ceramic heating plates and quartz liner inside of a dual-channel stainless-steel enclosure that integrates airflow, the Micro+ Tank provides consistent heat application, optimal flavour profiles on every heat setting, and airflow for maximum vapor production.

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