4 Part Super Heroes – Shiny Black – 53mm picture

4 Part Super Heroes – Shiny Black – 53mm

R 425.50

There are a variety of grinders to suit many needs. A tobacco grinder is high on the list of essentials for any rolling kit. Looking out for an easy and effective grind, our collection of grinders hit the mark.

The grinder is predominantly a high-quality metal material. So not only is this grinder durable, it has been precision machine-crafted to provide excellent performance.

This metal grinder is sizeable and compact enough to take anywhere whilst getting the job done. With its shiny black finish and diamond texture, the look and feel can give you a good sense of its quality and durability. The Tobacco Grinder – 4 Part Super Heroes – Shiny Black – 53mm – 340025 is a superhero indeed. It has four chambers that help sift your smoke of choice from a coarse material to a fine powder-like substance in the bottom chamber.

The 4 piece grinder design means that you can conveniently grind your herb to perfection. With its course to fine filtration chambers, you can rest assured that you get just what you need. Whether you are on the go or at home, this is a convenient and compact rolling solution. The lid’s magnet ensures that your herb doesn’t easily spill out, while the hash chamber securely screws into the solid base compartment. Because of all this, grinding is a pleasure with this top-shelf herb grinder.

The grinder comes as a single item.

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